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Sun Bed

Tan with confidence
  • UVB light: Produces Vitamin D

  • UVA light: Produces Nitric Oxide

  • Red light: Increases Cellular Energy

  • Near-infrared (NIR): Increases Cellular Energy and works synergistically with red light.



At Rhanes Spa, we take pride in delivering a five-star experience to each client.  Our commitment to excellance shines through in our dedicated customer service and extensive knowledge of skin care.

When it comes to getting a great tan…get your boost of sunshine here!



We ask everyone to call or text to book a tanning session 918-872-9211.  Per state law, you may tan once in a 24-hour period and all new tanning clients must sign a tanning waiver of all cautions.

 As of November 2017, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to use indoor UV tanning, even with parental/doctor consent.​

$40/ Laydown

The Sun Vision laydown is a Level 2 tanning bed with a max tan time of 15 minutes. This laydown is great for building a base tan & helps to tan different areas of the body that the sun will not tan.

  • Three facial lamps

  • New cooling fans

  • The Sun vision is great for the people that need a 15 minute vacation.

No Contracts or EFT's

$50/ Leg Tanner

The leg tanner,  an intense tanning machine with 34 UVB ray bulbs. This is a 10 Minute max, and is enjoyed by many to get optimally dark legs.

Intention: Build a tan, for hard to tan legs

Recommended: For all, with the salon grade lotion for maxiumum results 

Suggested: 3-4x a week

$90/ Hybrid Stand up

The Sundome XL-48 is a level 4 stand-up tanning bed with a max tan time of 10 minutes. This Stand-up is great for building a base tan & helps to tan different areas of the body that the beds will not tan.

  • Powerful over head fan

  • The Sundome Stand-up has the benefits of tanning those hard to tan areas. 

  • The Sundome is great for the people that don't like laying in a bed.

We have a very spacious room for this Stand-up bed. It gives you plenty of room for getting ready and enjoy your few minutes of relaxation while you get a great looking tan.

$35 per single session in this unit

$118/ All Inclusive Membership

Maximize your experience with our All Access Pass, unlocking the best value for UV beds, red light therapy, and rejuvenation Alpha 2010 dry heat capsule.  Elevate your wellness journey with exclusive access to these premium services.


see salon for details

last tan is 20 minutes before closing

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