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Our holistic approach to wellness incorporates effective nature based skin care to attain balance for your skin's radiance from within. Offering a holistic approach means uniting harmony and balance for your skin as well as total well-being.  We invite you to come relax with us as we are South Broken Arrow's best kept secret!


Dermafile Illuminate Facial

Achieve the look of polished perfection without chemicals or machines. The resurfacing tool used in this facial is made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This process will lightly polish your skin leaving skin soft and velvety smooth immediately after the treatment and is ideal for all skin types. Double duty may be preformed with exfoliation enzymes to enhance results. The Dermafile skin rejuvenation procedure is well-suited for getting rid of stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. It also removes sun damage, pigmentation and lessen ingrown hairs.

Intention: Vibrant and more refined complexion.

Recommended for: Mature, dull and discolored skin.

Suggested pairing: LED, collagen booster, gua sha


OxyGeneo Brighten Facial

The OxyGeneo facial is a 3-in-1 super facial to deeply exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate the skin leaving it looking plumped and glowing. The treatment technology produces CO2 bubbles that gently burst on the skin, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area which gives more hydrated, plumped, and improved texture resulting in clearer more beautiful skin with little-to-no downtime.

Intention: Deep penetration for exfoliation, brightening and renewing skin.

Recommended for: Dull, prematurely wrinkled, dehydrated skin.

Suggested pairing: CBD enhancement mask, collagen mask, gua sha, LED 


PureSculpt Lift + Erase Facial

PureSculpt - defy the effects of gravity with a profound restorative holistic face lift.  Wood therapy (wood or metal) tools are utilized.  This will rejuvenate your entire face by reducing wrinkles, burning stored fat, diminish your double chin and give you an all-natural facelift! 

Intention: Manipulate tissue in strategic patterns to release stagnant lymphatic waste to improve elasticity and contour.

Recommended for: Prematurely aging skin, all skin types.

Suggested pairing: Gua sha 


Sinus Migraine Unblock Facial

Relieves head pressure due to migraine, tension or sinus pressure. This facial contains essential oils, deep breathing, massaging shoulders, neck, and face along with the pressure points with cold marble stones to reduce swelling. An effective non-medical solution for sinus or migraine sufferers!

Intention: Relieve pressure and alleviate facial exhaustion.

Recommended for: Relaxation, pressure relief.


Suggested pairing: Singing bowl therapy, Red Light therapy, gua sha

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