Standup & Laydown Tanning

Tanning Options

Very Important Tanner (V.I.T.)

No appointment necessary for tanning. Payments are monthly; no contracts or EFTs.

As of Nov. 2017, people under the age of 18 are no longer allowed to tan, even with parental consent.

This monthly package includes one tanning lotion sample per session for either the laydown or standup options.

V.I.T. Standup Bed: Level 3, 10-minute sunbed. Price: $69.95

V.I.T. Laydown Bed: Level 2, 15-minute sunbed with ultraviolet facial lamps.  Price: $49.95

Standup ─ $55.95

Laydown ─ $25.95

Combo (Standup & Laydown) ─ $65.95

Single Session ─ $9.95