Spa Treatment Descriptions


Rhanes Signature ─ also known as the Red Carpet Facial, this facial involves seven treatments to make your skin look fabulous and ready for the camera. Ideal for big events such as weddings, special occasions, or just a day to treat yourself. This facial is 90 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Dermafile ─ The new and improved Dermafile treatment. This painless treatment includes a diamond wand to slough off dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth, velvety skin. This facial lasts 60 minutes.

The O2 Lift ─ The newest facial treatment at Rhanes Spa. This OXYJet facial lifts and breathes new life into your skin. You’ll leave with plump, healthy, and radiant looking skin. This is a 60 minute service.

Back Facial ─ a facial to improve your back’s skin tone, and treat any acne issues. This service lasts 60 minutes.

Sinus/Migraine ─ For those who suffer from sinus issues, migraines, or even both. This facial will help you, as the esthetician uses cold stones and aromatherapy. This treatment is 50 minutes.

BioDynamic Lymphatic Drainage ─ This treatment removes excess facial fluid; reduces swelling and scar tissue; clears and brightens up the eye area; and improves the lymphatic flow to the skin for a tighter appearance. This services is 50 minutes. People with diabetes, or who are pregnant or nursing can try this facial. This treatment is 50 minutes.

Microcurrent Sculpting ─ This spa treatment helps tighten the jawline; improves skin tone; diminishes fine lines and wrinkles; and makes pores smaller. An age-defying treatment that says goodbye to saggy skin. This facial lasts 30 minutes.