​​With the Therapeutic massage, you can find the right pressure that works for you.

Deep Tissue

If you suffer from chronic pain, this massage is for you. The Deep Tissue massage can relieve you from tension knots, help break up scar tissue, and increase the serotonin production inside your body, giving you sweet relief.

Swedish Massage

This light broad stroke massage helps with the circulation of the lymphatic system while relieving stress tension. Those who suffer from joint disorders can see a difference with their flexibility with this type of massage.

Request a Deep Tissue or a Swedish massage, or try a combination of both techniques for your hour massage.

60 minutes per session for $80.

Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal Massage

We want to offer you the most relaxing experience a tanning salon and day spa can give you by bringing the latest treatments and natural products. 

The Renew massage is great for anyone that has a busy schedule and cannot commit to an hour-long massage. Request this massage if you need either the upper body or legs section worked on.

30 minutes per session for $45.

With your comfort in mind, come relax on our massage table that lets you lie comfortably on your tummy. Our massage table has a place for you and your baby to relax at ease.

Customers must be past their first trimester (15 weeks+) to use this massage.

Session for 30 minutes is $45, or $80 for 60 minutes. 

Body Treatments


​Ashiatsu ​

​Looking for an extremely deep tissue massage? Look no further and try Ashiatsu. Let our trained massage therapist use her feet to stretch the muscles, elongate the spine, and relieve your body from bundled up nerves. 

Please note this massage is not for everyone; clients must be over the age of 18 to partake in this massage. Pregnant women, people who had recent surgery, people with lupus, and those with severe medical issues are not allowed to have this massage treatment done to them.

70 minutes per session for $90.