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Tanning Packages featuring Laydown and Standup Options

We keep it simple with our monthly tanning packages: No contracts or EFTs. No appointments necessary for tanning. Walk-ins are welcome.

Newcomers to our tanning salon must sign a waiver. As of November 2017, no one under the age of 18 can do indoor tanning, even with parental consent.

We do have airbrush tanning as an alternative option. Call us at 918-872-9211, or book online to schedule an appointment.

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Tanning Packages

V.I.T. Standup - $69.95 (Unlimited Monthly)

A sample packet of salon grade lotion is part of this tanning package. Every time you come in for a tanning session, you can select from the various high quality samples that range from intensifiers to deep bronzers available at our front desk.

V.I.T. Laydown - $49.95 (Unlimited Monthly)

A sample packet of salon grade tanning lotion is part of this tanning package. Every time you come in for a tanning session, you can select from the various high quality samples that range from intensifiers to deep bronzers.

Standup - $55.95 (Unlimited Monthly)

Our standup sunbed is a level 3 with higher pressure bronzing bulbs, but no facial lamps. The maxmium tanning time is 10 minutes. Sample tanning lotion packets are not included in this tanning package.

Laydown - $29.95 (Unlimited Monthly)

Our laydown sunbeds are level 2 with facial lamps. The maximum tanning time is 15 minutes per session. This tanning package does not include sample packets.

Single Session - $9.95

You have your choice of tanning in either a laydown or standup sunbed. A tanning lotion sample packet is included in this purchase.

FAQs about Tanning

Can I split a tanning package with someone else?

No, our tanning packages are for one individual per purchase.

I bought tanning lotion from drugstore/Sally's/WalMart, can I use it at Rhanes Spa?

No, we do not allow tanning lotion purchased from those places. Mass-produced tanning lotions tend to have mineral oil/petroleum as one of the main ingredients that is detrimental to your skin. The mineral oil doesn't absorb into your skin, and can clog your pores.

Also, mineral oil and petroleum causes damage to the acrylics in our laydown sunbeds, which is not good for our business. That is why we highly recommend salon-grade tanning lotion available at our tanning salon.

What's so special about salon grade tanning lotion?

Salon grade tanning lotion does not contain mineral oil, petroleum, or alcohol. It also doesn't damage acrylics in the sunbeds. We have quality tanning lotions that give you color, and replenish your skin with moisture-rich ingredients.

Can I tan without tanning lotion?

You can, but the results won't be the same as someone that uses lotion. In fact, it takes 30 seconds for your skin to tan with tanning lotion, while it takes six minutes to tan without.

Hydrated skin is the key to getting tanned skin. Not using lotion dries the skin out faster, and impacts your skin color.