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Facials, Back Facial, and Add-on Skincare Treatments


Every Tuesday, deep cleanse facials are $25 for 30 minutes. You can include a half-hour massage for a relaxing hour long spa break. Please call 918-872-9211 to make an appointment.

Customers can use our online booking system.

V-Line Magic Therapy - $150 (60 minutes)

This facial, originated from South Korean, will help with skin elasticity, lifting, and volume. The aloe vera and 24K Gold collagen helps with absorption to improve circulation, and improve wrinkled skin and sagging areas around the brow line, cheeks, jowls, and neck. It gives new life to your face as it restores the V shape.

O2 Lift - $140 (60 minutes)

This OXYJet facial lifts and breathes new life into your skin. You’ll leave with plump, healthy, and radiant looking skin.

Dermafile - $120 (60 minutes)

The new and improved Dermafile treatment. This painless treatment includes a crushed diamond wand to slough off dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth, velvety skin.

Back Facial - $110 (60 Minutes)

A facial to improve your back’s skin tone, and treat any acne issues.

Sinus/Migraine Facial - $100 (60 Minutes)

For those who suffer from sinus issues, migraines, or even both. This facial will help you get relief, as the esthetician uses cold stones and aromatherapy from Clear My Head essential oils.

BioDynamic Lymphatic Drainage Facial - $95 (50 Minutes)

This treatment removes excess facial fluid; reduces swelling and scar tissue; clears and brightens up the eye area; and improves the lymphatic flow to the skin for a tighter appearance. People with diabetes, or who are pregnant or nursing can try this facial.

Add-on Skincare Treatments

Add-on treatments are available with facials for additional fees.

Restless Leg Treatment - $35 (30 Minutes)

Magnesium lotion treatment for the legs to help with Restless Leg Syndrome.

LED Hand Mitt Treatment with Facial - $30 (30 Minutes)

While you have a facial, treat your hands with the LED hand mitt. Your skin will look plumper and will have better circulation, improving your hands' overall skin tone.

Spa Food Scrub - $30 (15 Minutes)

Feet soaked, scrubbed into silky smooth skin. Wrapped in balm product for moisturization.

Bubble Mask - $20 (10 Minutes)

Try our FarmHouse Fresh Goods bubble mask that'll leave your skin clean and smooth.

Oxygen Facial Treatment - $10 (10 Minutes)

A burst of oxygen will hydrate your skin when you request this with your choice of facial treatment.

Lip Treatment - $10 (15 minutes)

Gentle exfoliation catered to your lip area. Finished with FarmHouse Fresh lip balm.