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Body Sugaring – Hair Removal for Women and Men

If you’re tired of experiencing pain or redness from traditional waxing, body sugaring treatments are here to the rescue. This alternative to waxing is suitable for all skin types, and exfoliates the skin in the process.

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The natural paste consists of sugar, lemon, and water; it looks like a honey ball. No double dipping involved in this process, and the paste is never hot, so your skin will never burn.

Body Sugaring

Brazilian - $80 (30 Minutes)

This service is for women only.

Bikini - $50 (30 Minutes)

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Full Face - $35 ($35 Minutes)

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Men's Chest - $30 (30 Minutes)

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Back - $30 (30 Minutes)

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Underarms - $22 (20 Minutes)

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Eyebrows - $16 (20 Minutes)

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Chin - $14 (15 Minutes)

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Lip - $12 (15 Minutes)

Upper lip area

Lower Legs - $25 (35 Minutes)

If you want other areas of your legs sugared, the total cost and time will increase.

FAQs About Sugaring

The sugar paste is only three ingredients?

Yes, it's a natural paste of lemon, water, and sugar. There's no petroleum ingredients, so it's gentler on your skin, and suitable for all skin types.

How long does hair have to be for sugaring?

1/8 is the length we can sugar hair off.

How is sugaring different from waxing?

The natural sugar paste doesn't need to be heated like wax, so it won't burn your skin. The trained esthetician removes the hair in the natural growth pattern. This process avoids follicle breakage and ingrown hairs, and prevents red, irritated skin.

Men can get sugared too?

Yes, we do men's chest and back, the most requested parts. We do not offer Brazilian sugaring for men.

Can I do sugaring and a facial on the same day?

We highly recommend that you schedule these types of appointments on different days. If you have sensitive skin, the products and facial tools used in facials might be too harsh for your skin.

Can I tan the same day as my sugaring appointment?

No, since the sugar paste removes the hair and dead skin cells, the UV tanning lights can irritate the exfoliated skin area. Please tan the day before your appointment, or wait at least 24 hours afterwards.

We have an online booking system you can use to make appointments after business hours.